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A metre, or meter in American spelling, in the International System of Units base unit of length.

The meter symbol is m, lowercase. In turn, the inch is an imperial and US customary unit of length derived from one yard.

One inch (plural: inches) is 1/36 of a yard and abbreviated as in; the inch symbol is the ″ called double prime.

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Meters to Inches Converter

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Convert Meters to Inches

Because one yard has been defined as 0.9144 meters, one inch is 0.0254 meters.

This leads to the following formula [in] = [m] / 0.0254.

To change m to inch divide the length in meters by 0.0254. Therefore, we get (rounded to 3 decimals):

1 m to in = 39.370 inches
2 meters to ″ = 78.740 inches

These results are also valid for metric to inches and meters to in, just to name a few examples of terms which are frequently sought when it comes to this unit conversion.

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