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This article is about converting the United States customary systems of measurement and imperial unit, inch, to meter, which is the base unit of length in the SI System.

A yard, which comprises of 36 inches, has been defined as 0.9144 meters in the year of 1959.

In turn, in the year 1960, the meter has been redefined as the distance light travels in a short interval of time.

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Convert Inches to Meters

As follows from the definition of yard, one inch is exactly 0.0254 meters long.

A meter is abbreviated as m, whereas inch or inches (plural) in short form is ″ or in.

To obtain meters multiply the length in inches by 0.0254. The formula is: [m] = [in] x 0.0254. Thus, you get:

1 inch = 0.0254 m
1″ = 0.0254 meters
1 in to m = 0.0254 meters

Instead of doing the math yourself, you can employ our calculator above to obtain inches in meter on the fly.

By the way: 0.0254 meters is equivalent to 2.54 cm and 25.4 mm.

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Inches to Meters Conversion

As a rough ″ to m approximation you can use 1 m ∼ 40 inches ⇔ 1″ ∼ 0.025 meters.

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